Theresa Gray

Paintings & Drawings

Unspoken Fiber | Nest III

Pigment, Oil Paint, Graphite & Sage Rubbing on Arches Oil Paper  |  23" x 23"  |  Unframed


I paint what I see around me in Taos, New Mexico—mesa, mountains, wind, river, canyon, trees, plants, and wildlife.

Marking Time

Mark by mark and line by line, I fill my work with messages.

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Wildflower Field

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Animal Artworks

Improvisation informs and permeates my life. Living off-the-grid fastens me to the land; this dynamic high desert shapes my movement, expands my vision, and inspires my work. 

Hunter's Moon

Oil on Arches Oil Paper  |  49" x 12"  |  Unframed


I walk the mesa with a tactile intent—seeking objects of nature for inspiration. What I see is imprinted within me. I feel what I see, and my art erupts from this knowing.

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Marking Time | Nest II

Pigment, Oil Paint & Graphite on Arches Oil Paper 


Unspoken Fiber

This is a piece of land.

This is a piece of time.

A moment of charged release.

Oil & Graphite on Arches Oil Paper | Sold

Marking Time | Underwater

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Saugatuck | MI | August 23, 2020

Theresa Gray & Peter Halter | Magpie | Taos | NM

September 2020

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